1. Miso Soup
    tofu, seaweed, enoki mushroom, scallion.
  2. Clear Soup
    mushroom, scallions, onions
  3. Chicken Hot & Sour Soup
    mushroom, enoki mushroom, scallions, tofu, eggs.
  4. Dumpling (Wonton) Soup
    pork & shrimp, mushroom, scallions, onions.
  5. Tom Yam Shrimp Soup
    lemongrass, ginger, tomatoes, bell pepper, celery.
  1. Garden Salad
    mix green, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, with ginger dressing
  2. Seaweed Salad
    seaweed salad with sesame seed.
  3. Avocado Salad
    red onion, avocado, mix green, with green pepper and ginger oil sauce.
  4. Grilled Chicken Salad
    mix green, mango, jicama, cashews, with champagne mango sauce.
  5. Kani Salad
    imitation crab meat, cucumber, tobiko, crunchy, spicy mayonnaise.
  6. Crispy Calamari Salad
    mix green, black pepper, with duck sauce.
  7. Shrimp Salad
    mix green, mango, jicama, cashews, with champagne mango sauce.
  1. Shrimp Shumai
    steamed, with soy sugar vinegar sauce.
  2. Vegetable Gyoza
    steamed, with soy sugar vinegar sauce.
  3. Pork Gyoza
    pan fried, with soy sugar vinegar sauce.
  4. Scallion Pancake
    flatbread with oil, minced scallion.
  5. Gen. Tso Chicken Wings
    deep fried served with sweet chili sauce on side.
  6. Satay Chicken
    grilled, bamboo skewers, curry peanut sauce on side.
  7. Shrimp Rangoon
    deep fried, shrimps, onion, cream cheese, with duck sauce.
  8. Chicken Spring Roll
    cabbage, mushroom, carrots, grass rice noodle, with duck sauce.
  9. Chicken & Vegetable Dumpling
    pan fried, with black sweet and chili sauce.
  10. Satay Beef
    grilled, bamboo skewers, curry peanut sauce on side.
  11. Shrimp & Vegetable Temp.
    deep fried, brocolli, red onion, long bean, sweet potato, taro, with creamy ginger oil and tempura sauce.
  12. Chicken Lettuce Wrap
    long bean, bell pepper, jicama, roasted pine nut.
  13. Crispy Coconut Shrimp
    shredded coconut, with mango chili sauce and sesame seed.
  14. Pork Dumpling
    pan fried, with balsamic vinegar milk butter sauce.
  15. Crab Cake
    onions, cilantro, celery, carrot, with chili sour cream and duck sauce.
  16. Boneless Short Ribs
    sweet potato, with spicy tangerine miso sauce.
  17. Fire Cracker Shrimp
    light fried, with spicy mayonnaise and shichimi.
  18. Blackened Tuna Taco
    blackened tuna, taco, red onion, lettuce, tomatoes, crunchy, spicy mayonnaise, with vinegar sauce.
  19. Seared Pepper Tuna
    seared pepper tuna, mix green, seaweed salad, with wasabi yuzu and soy onion dressing.
  20. New Tengda Sashimi
    tuna with mango, salmon with cucumber, white tuna with asparagus, with tobiko and wasabi yuzu dressing.
  21. Napoleon Guacamole
    spicy crunchy tuna, guocamole, blue crab, tobiko, cripsy wonton skins with ponzu sauce.
  22. Torch Salmon Wrap
    salmon wrap, blue crab, jalapeno, tobiko, with wasabi yuzu dressing.
  23. Seafood Ceviche
    assorted shell fish, shrimp, imitation crab meat, octopus, surf clam, blue crab, tobiko, cilantro, with vinegar sauce.
  24. Tuna Tower
    tuna, roasted pine nuts, cilantro, salad mix, cripsy wonton skin, with tower vinegar sauce.
  25. Tuna Pizza
    scallion pancake, avocado, red onion, jalapeno, crunchy, radish sprouts, with spicy mayonnaise and eel sauce.
  26. Yellowtail Jalapeno
    slice yellowtail top with jalapeno, with sriracha and wasabi yuzu dressing.